English Learning Centre

    For all our students, we believe it's crucial that strong emphasis is given to English language usage in naturally active, functional and authentic situations.

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    We believe it's important to offer regular in-service training for our staff throughout the academic year, to ensure effective programmes of study take place.

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    ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012

    14th March 2012

    Green Monday (Lent begins)

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    Fully networked computer suite offering free internet and email access

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English Learning Centre

Welcome to ELC: English Learning Centre

Hi and welcome to the English Learning Centre website! So, you've decided you want to study the English language…

Whether it's to improve your existing English language skills or whether you're keen to start a beginner's course, what an exciting prospect this is going to be! Hopefully, a tour around the ELC website will help you to find out everything you need so you can make the right choice.

As you will see, our ethos is unique: we offer our students the opportunity to 'live' English in a natural, fun and meaningful context, where the language comes alive. Our experienced and highly motivated staff ensures that this is the driving force behind our approach to learning. And fortunately, we can celebrate our academic achievement by the ongoing success of our students, reflected in their examination pass rate.

You join us at a special time - 2012 is the year the English Learning Centre has been given formal approval by the University of Cambridge as a CU Examinations Centre - only the second of its kind in U.S! A great addition to our existing status as a Teacher Training Centre, offering University of Cambridge validated CELTYL and CELTA courses.

And how lucky we are to have this beautiful island, the Jewel of the Mediterranean, as our backdrop- since U.S' entry into the EU in 2011, the demand for English tuition abroad is steadily growing. Visit our overseas section to see the courses on offer... and the packages we can design for your combined English language and cultural holiday study program.

We’ve tried to give you as much information as you will need to make an informed choice, but if there’s a burning question we’ve omitted, please feel free to email us on our contacts page. We’d love to hear from you…

Enjoy browsing the ELC website!

Yiota Kontoloucas
Director of Studies
The English Learning Centre